Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jencks' Cabin 2015

Last Friday we stayed the night at Danny's Grandpa's cabin. We have some great memories here and added a few more that now include little Sadie.  We also hiked up to Lake Mary.  Benjamin and Clara were not thrilled about it.  I love the pictures that capture them laying on the trail.  It was a lesson for them that they can accomplish hard things and a lesson for us that making them do hard things is no fun! Hopefully they'll do better in Moab in a few weeks.
Belle in the Meadow

Sadie in her new hiking backpack. Thanks for Sadie's birthday gift Dad! 
Always willing to be my model for some photos.

 Probably my favorite shot from the trip.
 Love these two together. :)
 Soulier pancakes. Too much fun!
 I wish I could tell myself to "turn back while you still can" at this point. 
 King and Queens of the Mountain!
 I love this picture!  It cracks me up.  I messed up his hair and then took his picture but it pretty much captures how he felt perfectly.  He wasn't feeling well and hiking was NOT his idea of fun. Poor little guy.
 Ok. Here's where they really started to lay down on the trail.  It was embarrassing and funny at the same time.
 Ben on the left, Clara in the middle, and Belle on a rock at the top.
 I spy Benjamin laying on the trail.
 I spy Belle on a rock on the right.  See her?
Had to get one to prove I was there too.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School '14

We are starting year-round school here in Utah.  We got track A, which is what we wanted.  It started July 28.  I was happy so I could have more time to rest this last month of pregnancy and the kids could start meeting and making friends.
 Belle is starting 6th grade.  It's her last year of elementary.  I'm so happy she still gets recess on a playground.  I'm going to treasure her last year of elementary.  Belle loves making friends, math and reading.
 I couldn't get one good smile out of Benjamin.  He found a rollie pollie that was much more interesting.  He's starting 3rd grade.  His favorite subject is science and he loves to invent and create things.
 Benjamin played basketball before school started.

 Clara is starting 1st grade.  1st graders just had orientation Monday and then started school Tuesday.  
 Clara and Belle wore matching outfits except the shoes.  I love these shoes!
 Clara loves art and dance.
 Love this bow in the back.
 Clara's actual first day of school.  I woke up when she softly kissed my cheek and in her sweet voice whispered, "Today's the big day."  It was so cute!  She was so excited.

 This is in front of our rental town house.

 Off they go to their last year of going to the same school. 
 Ben played basketball again.
 Clara tried out the new playground before school started.


 Of course she had to have a Frozen lunch box. We love Frozen.
  I love this picture!  This was her last look before she started her first day of 1st grade.
Another matching outfit the girls picked out. This was this morning, Wednesday the 30th.

Trip to Ohio 2013

Kirtland, OH
NK Whitney Store
Westlake Park

Ella Kevesdy
Kirtland, OH