Monday, December 24, 2012

Edward "The Furball"

All the girls in our family shed a lot of tears tonight.   My poor Mr. Furball died today.  We are so sad.  He was our kids' first pet.  He was the fluffiest, sweetest little furball ever.  We had him for three years.  He will be so missed.
 This is my favorite picture of Edward.
I didn't know Benjamin had let Edward out of his cage today.  My brother came over for dinner and put his dog in the backyard.  Belle was really worried and said she had a bad feeling.  She got up to look outside a couple of times.  Ben did too and he found Edward dead.  He came inside and told us very matter of factly that he was dead.  Belle and I started to cry when we saw for ourselves that it was true.  It was hard to stop crying but I knew we needed to have a nice Christmas Eve so I had to get it together.  We did end up having a nice time but it was hard putting the girls to bed.  Belle said, "What do I do? I've never had a pet die before. How do I feel better?"  I explained time would help.  Clara asked in her prayer if Santa could bring us another bunny for Christmas.  Poor baby.  I guess this was a good learning experience but it sure sucks! Sorry, just putting it bluntly.  We will miss our Edward the Furball Soulier!

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Karen said...

I am so sorry you lost Edward. I lost two bunnies growing up and both times were very sad. I remember sobbing each time I lost them. We were going to a funeral the day I lost the second one and everyone probably thought it was very fitting that I was crying, but they didn't know that I was crying so hard for my bunny. I'm trying to remember the woman's name. She was from Midvale and our family visited her often. I was sad for losing her, but knew that she had had a good life and that she was in a better place. I think it was Anita Hike and I think her funeral was on Christmas Eve, too! I totally hear you that it is a real loss. I hope you all feel better soon.