Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas 2012

Benjamin couldn't wait to get to bed on Christmas Eve.  He asked us not to bother him so he could go to sleep and Christmas could come quicker.  He turned the lights on in our room at 1:30 am to tell us there were lots of presents.  He asked if he could open them.  Danny tried to help him go back to sleep but he was too excited.  Finally at 6am Danny said they could wake the girls up.  Belle was glad because she said she's been up waiting since 4:30am.  Oh the anticipation...let the excitement begin.

Among Belle's stuff was a ipod touch cover, an American Girl doll bed, clothes and a suitcase from her favorite store Justice, and a giant stuffed Elephant.  She loves stuffed animals!
And a book about Manners from American Girl.  Maybe this will help :)
The first thing Clara did when she walked in the room was run and get the gift she'd bought me with her own money.  She didn't even react to the Santa gifts.  She was most excited to give.  It brought tears to my eyes.  What an example for the rest of us.  
She gave me a beautiful necklace that spelled out "LOVE".
Clara got an American Girl Doll bed too as well as a Cinderella suitcase, some games, playdoh, clothes.

I got Danny a garment steamer that he just keeps in the closet to use every morning.  I also got him a metal penguin for his desk. He loves penguins.  Then I got him a sign that says, "I Love You More Than Bacon"  Anyone who knows me knows that this is huge!
What a mess!
Benjamin got a Ninjago set, a big remote control truck, a globe, Sonic games and toys, and a stuffed Lion.

The girls had so much fun playing together most of the day.  We had to remind them to include Benjamin but he was too busy playing new video games to care much.
 It was another great Christmas!

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Karen said...

Looks like a happy day.