Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home Alone with Clara

These last two years it's been just Clara and me.
She's been such a sport to model for me while I play around with my camera.
 We have fun games of Hide in Seek.
 It's hard to find someone who's small enough to fit in a cupboard.
 And she loves having the tub all to herself when brother and sister are gone.
I love having this little cutie pie all to myself.  She's so easy, fun, sweet, and so loving.  I am dreading her going to Kindergarten in the Fall.  She, on the other hand, cannot wait!  Everyday when I pick her up from preschool she says, "I'm ready for Kindergarten!"  And she really is.  She's going to be almost six when she starts.  Whereas Ben and Belle hadn't been five for very long when they started.  So to me, she seems very advanced and mature to be starting Kindergarten.  She's counting down the days.  I'm treasuring the days.

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Lolly Soulier said...

Gorgeous Clara! Great pictures. Tons of soap! Can't believe she fits in that cupboard! Miss you guys. :)
The California Soucrew