Thursday, June 20, 2013

Belle's Friends

 These are Belle's friends from church.  I couldn't ask for better girls for Belle to play with. They are so sweet and as you can see, so cute!
We had a Mommy/Daughter date night with these three.  Their moms are my good friends here.  Works out perfect!  All our kids are close in age.  Our oldest are girls and our second is boys and they're all the same age. Lots of playdates for us!
 After a fun conversation at dinner, we took the girls to the park so I could get their picture.  I'm so glad I could capture this time of their lives together.  It will be fun to see where they end up and they can look back at this picture.

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Karen said...

I still stay in touch with my friend Emily from 25 years ago!! It will be really fun for Belle to keep in touch with these girls. How fun to see the beginning.