Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Start of Summer! June '13

This has been a great summer!  It was so much fun I didn't get time to slow down and blog about it.  Once the day wound down, I was usually too exhausted to sit on the computer.  Here are some snapshots of our June activities.
We started by getting a trampoline!  It's been so fun.  The kids have spent hours playing...together....exercising...getting tired.  Need I say more?
 They tried sleeping out on the tramp the first night but one by one they came in and went to their beds.
 We went to the drag races.  It was loud!  There were lots of cool cars driving fast!  Boys dream, right?  That's what I thought.  Ben was not impressed.  He has very sensitive ears for one thing (even with the earplugs).  Then watching them drive straight down the track over and over got old real fast.  At least we can say we've been.

 The library hosted some rodents and reptiles.  Clara got to pet them.

We signed up for the Library's summer reading program.  The kids's got prizes and a trip to a swim park for finishing their chart.
 They were good at entertaining themselves at home...and making lots of messes.
 Belle and Ben also went to "Kid's College" at Midland College.  They each chose three classes to enroll in.  They both loved it.  Belle chose volleyball, chess, and a salon type class. Ben took a craft class, archery, and my favorite - Reptiles and Rodents.  They brought new pets everyday.  I came when they had a tortoise roaming the classroom.  It was so cool!
The not so fun part of the summer was when Clara got sick.  All the kids got strep throat.  Clara got so dehydrated and had to have an overnight visit to the hospital.  She was so little in the hospital bed.  As we fell asleep she said, "You're the best mommy ever."  Melt my heart!  She is the sweetest, cutest little princess.  I'm so glad she got better! 

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Karen said...

that does sound like a really fun summer.