Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trip to Utah in July

The kids and I went to Utah over the 4th of July. We spent a day at his family's cabin. Lots of fun family memories have taken place here and continue to do so.

Fun cousin games.
Homemade Bridge

Lisa planned a service activity putting together hygiene kits.  The kids bought them and made them themselves.

The Swing!


My cute nephew Ryan helped me take some pictures of bubbles.  He'd tell me how to compose the picture and then blow the bubbles for me.  Then he'd look at the picture and say how awesome it was.
I thought this was a cool picture of a bubble.

On the fourth of July we spent some time at Danny's parents.  The grandparents had pogo sticks and stilts for the kids to play.
The kids love their cousins!
Some table game fun.  Thanks Anne and Aunt Lisa for teaching us!
We watched fireworks with both Grandma's in Riverton. It was the longest show I've ever seen!
A few days later we had to stop by there favorite park before we left.

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Lili said...

What a fun trip!! Love the bubble pic, you'll have to post a tutorial on how to do the composition of it! :)